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Venue Manager

The role of the Venue Manager (VM) is to ensure the smooth running of their assigned location by managing and liaising with the relevant participants to ensure a safe and fun time is had by all. The VM will be answerable to and in communication with the event management team.

All stages will have at least one VM on duty at all times who is ultimately responsible for their allocated zone..




  • At least one Venue Manager must be present in a designated zone at all times during the event.
  • Attend Security Briefing at Volunteers Briefing evening.
  • Ensure you have a walkie talkie from the security company.
  • Communicate with the Programme Manager if Artists have not arrived 25 mins
    prior to their slot.
  • Make the Stage MC and the Sound Engineer aware of the Artist’s arrival.
  • Be fully familiar with the layout of the venue: fire exits, toilets.
  • Ensure stage banners have been erected behind artist performance area.
  • Liaise with the relevant people assigned to their area of responsibility. Security,
    Sound Engineers, MCs, Bar manager, etc
  • Be aware of the roles that volunteer teams perform within your zone.
  • Ensure security and volunteers are provided with refreshments.
  • Seek the appropriate assistance from other teams should problems arise.
  • Be familiar with the procedures outlined in the Emergency Procedures document
    and be familiar with venue’s own Emergency procedures.
  •  If there are large queues/crowds at your venue, ask security to check with
    their colleagues to see where there is spare capacity and encourage people to
    move there.
  • Liaise with security to take the appropriate steps should an emergency arise.
  • Where appropriate, monitor the food and refreshment outlets and assist should
    any problems arise.
  • Delegate tasks to other team members as required.
  • The VM should also make themselves known to the teams in the smaller locations
    within their designated zone and understand the tasks and duties performed by these teams.
Information/Merchandise tent

You will be the first stop for many people. Ensure you know the layout of the event You will be required to work a minimum two-hour shift.




  • Attend Security Briefing at the Volunteers Briefing evening.
  • Ensure you receive a walkie talkie on the day from security company (1 per tent).
  • Provide event goers with information and directions.
    Be a central point for lost children. Take them to the designated ‘safe space’ area.
  • Manage anyone who is feeling unsafe at the festival – take them to the designated ‘safe space’  area.
  • Sell our merchandise. Keep the area tidy and inviting for people to purchase.
  • Familiarise yourself with the card payment system/cash till.


Build and Break Crew

The Build and Break Crew will provide support to set up and break down the event. Crew members will erect and take down stage infrastructure including the banners and bunting. You should adhere to our health & safety and safeguarding policies.




  • DIY type tasks for the venues mentioned above (own tool kit handy).
  • Put up banners and bunting outside venues prior to the festival.
  • Install signage around the festival sites.
Health & Safety Assistant

Support the resident Health & Safety Adviser who is very experienced in Event Management. You will be provided with certified training prior to the event. Such training will give you an understanding of event risk assessments, emergency planning and safety inspections. The health and safety team will be answerable to and in
communication with the event management team.

Health & Safety is an integral part of EVERY event so why not take this opportunity to learn what’s involved and how to dynamically assess live events.




  • Attend Security Briefing at the Volunteers Briefing evening.
  • Ensure your team has a walkie talkie on the day from security company.
  • Banksman duties.
  • Safety Inspections of venues prior to kick off on event day.
  • Learn and assist the Noise Control Assistant on event day.
  • Be proactive in dealing with hazards that may arise during the event.

Walk among the crowds on the day to shake an official bucket to collect donations to fund the event. Bring the bucket back to the collection point for decanting.




  • Attend Security Briefing at the Volunteers Briefing evening.
  • Pick up and sign for a collection bucket and official collectors’ jacket at 10.00am.

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