Trader Terms and Conditions and Booking Form


Old Town Live is a new, free one-day music festival which will be held across Stevenage Old Town on Sunday 3rd August 2021. The event is being co-ordinated by the ‘Shop Stevenage, Shop Safe’ Campaign team, in partnership with local businesses and the local authority.


Music will be performed between 12.00pm and 10.00pm and festival stalls will trade from 11.00am until 10.00pm.


Old Town Live provides traders with an opportunity to sell street food, festival related goods and to deliver festival entertainment and activities. If you would like to discuss the opportunities available telephone Sally 07889 173101 or complete and submit the form. 

  • When your booking has been confirmed we will send you a joining pack with a pitch location map clearly marking your stall position and a pitch number. You will also receive a traders permit which you should display on your car windscreen on arrival.
  • There are two entrances to the festival, one at either end of the high street, there will be a road closure in place and the entrances will be manned by wardens. On arrival a warden will direct you to your pitch.
  • Food trailers will be parked up on site but all vehicles that are not used for trading will need to be moved off site, after you have unloaded, to the car park running the length of the Old Town.
  • Booking forms should be submitted via the form below.
  • If you are accepted to trade at the festival, we will send you an invoice, when this is paid, we will confirm your pitch and send you a set of joining instructions for the day.
Health & Safety
  • All stallholders must abide by Health & Safety regulations (see Appendix) and certificates must be available for inspection/verification at all times.
Packaging & Prresentation
  • During COVID you will be unable to offer product samples.  However as out event falls after the expected relaxation of Covid social distancing rules it is likely that offering product samples will be allowable; if you chose to do this please ensure that you ‘design out’ cross contamination and double dipping.
  • We are sure you already know the legal requirements, but please make sure your goods are clearly priced and information is available to customers about your business and production methods.  Labelling must also include information such as the trading address and name of your/their business.   
  • More info at:  https://www.food.gov.uk/business-guidance/packaging-and-labelling
  • There are public toilets in the Middle Row and further event toilets in the festival arena.
Single Use Plastics
  • We do not allow the use of single use plastics at Old Town Live, biodegradable or compostable packaging must be use
Food Hygiene / Health & Safety
  • All Stalls must meet Health & Safety Requirements in line with the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974. 
  • Anyone handling food must have a copy of his / her Basic Food Hygiene certificate.  If you or anyone are handling unwrapped foods, then you must wear clean protective over clothing, such as an apron, coat or jacket.  It is also recommended that some form of head covering be worn with long hair tied back.
  • Please note that water supply is not provided. However, it your responsibility to ensure an adequate supply of hot and cold water is available for your pitch for equipment and food washing etc.
  • If you or your staff handle or prepare foods, then please ensure they/you do not travel to the festival in their protective clothing and ensure that all protective clothing be removed if they leave their stall/vehicle.
  • Food transported to the festival must be wrapped, covered or placed in suitable containers to prevent contamination.  Vehicles and containers should be kept clean and in good repair.
  • Traders must ensure the correct temperature control both at the festival, and during the travelling to and from the festival in accordance with Environmental Health guidelines.
  • Sneeze guards must be used where environmental health guidelines require this i.e. unwrapped foods.
  • Please arrive on site no earlier than 8.00am, to be ready to trade for a start time of 11:00am 
  • All stallholders will need to be present throughout the trading hours 11.00am until 8.00pm as there is no movement of traffic on event day
Fee & Pitch Details
  • All pitches will be outside and on tarmac. 
  • The standard pitch space is 3m x 3m or 4m x 3m - please indicate what size pitch you will require on the booking form below.
  • You will be required to bring your own gazebo or trading vehicle. You will need to bring your own tables, chairs, table coverings.
  • If bringing your own gazebo, please ensure you also bring weights to secure it firmly.
  • We are able to supply power for an additional cost. If you wish to bring your own power, please note we only allow battery or solar powered generators or diesel generators.
  • You are unable to sell alcohol from the market for immediate consumption, you are able to sell bottled alcohol if you are fully licenced for the event. If you are selling food or drink you will need to prove that you are registered with your local authority to sell food and drink and that you have a hygiene rating of 3 stars or above.
  • All traders will require public liability insurance and supply a copy of your paperwork on booking.
  • If you need to cancel your booking please provide as much notice as possible; we reserve the right to cancel bookings, or refuse individual bookings, in extreme circumstances.
  • For a full refund, cancellations must be made at least 2 weeks before the event (Sunday 19th September 2021).
  • If we need to cancel the event due to adverse weather conditions, licensing or Covid Guidelines, then we will inform you as soon as possible, both by phone and email. 
Publicity & Marketing
  • We will promote the event and markets within in the following ways:
  • Paid for advertising
  • Road entry boards, banners, posters and leaflets   
  • Using social media
  • On the Old Town Live website
  • In the local media
  • Please ensure you bring a sign/banner to advertise who you are.
  • If you are happy for us to include you in our Social Media posts then please do send us any high-quality images via email with your booking form.
  • All Stallholders must have public liability insurance and need to supply photocopy of this when booking the stall pitch and also bring copies of certificates available for inspection on the day of the Market.
Waste & Rubbish
  • Please note you will need to take your rubbish & debris away with you
  • Please make sure you bring suitable bags/binbags and a brush for the collection of food waste.
  • Any producers cooking at the festival must ensure they do so safely and without endangering themselves or any member of the public. 
  • Please sure any cooking apparatus is well away from the front or edge of your pitch, with a safety barrier placed at least 50cm from the appliance with warning signs in place and that you comply with any request from the market manager to ensure the safety of the public.
  • Any producers using gas burning appliances must have a fire-blanket and the correct valid and in date appropriate fire extinguisher.
  • All gas pipes should be of the approved type, i.e. orange, date stamped and not older than 5 years.
  • All portable/electrical appliances must have an accredited test certificate available for inspection.
  • Please ensure that any display tables are sound, secure and stable.  If you are providing your own gazebo, then these must be regularly checked, and firmly secured using weights.

Trader applications are now closed.

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Stevenage Old Town is welcoming people back to the high street, with a free one-day Music Festival. Old Town Live will showcase live bands from 8 separate stages across Stevenage Old Town in bars, pubs and from on-street stages on Sunday 3rd October 2021. Between 12.00pm and 10.00pm a rotating programme of bands and singers from all genres will play 45-minute sets, with over 40 acts performing during the event.