Frequently Asked Questions

Yes of course, all ages are welcome.  But all the regular restrictions and rules surrounding alcohol and venue entry will apply.

Our venues have toilets on-site, public facilities will be open on Middle Row and we have Portaloos located on the High Street.

You do not.  This is a free event for all.  Registering for a free ticket will get you discounts on merch and other offers.

Unfortunately not, however, Stevenage Old Town boasts world food and drink offer.

Live music will start at 12:00PM. Festival stalls will open from 11.00AM.

This year is already booked up.  But there will a link for apply to play for 2022 coming soon.

Yes.  Located on the High Street/Albert Street concourse, the Event Management tent will provide lost child, first aid, sign posting and information, merchandise sales and will act as nerve centre for the entire event. 

There will be a road closure in place (that can be seen here) so we suggest using the Primett Road car park located just off the High Street.

If you wish to buy alcohol, yes.  Every venue will be operating a challenge 25 policy.

Yes!  We need your help!  Please visit the ‘Get Involved’ page of this website to find out more and to register as a volunteer.  And thank you!

Yes.  St Johns Ambulance will be present at the event and there will also be a number of trained first aiders at each venue and outdoors.

If you choose to register for a free ticket, we will be able to send you updates bu direct email.  We will also be sending out notifications on our Twitter and Instagram feed.

A full noise management plan is in place to ensure noise levels do not exceed legal limits.  In accordance with licensing law and the performance of live music; all outdoor music will cease at 10:00PM.

There are many reasons why you might want to affiliate your business with Old Town Live. Please visit our sponsors page of this website to find out more.  

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Stevenage Old Town is welcoming people back to the high street, with a free one-day Music Festival. Old Town Live will showcase live bands from 8 separate stages across Stevenage Old Town in bars, pubs and from on-street stages on Sunday 3rd October 2021. Between 12.00pm and 10.00pm a rotating programme of bands and singers from all genres will play 45-minute sets, with over 40 acts performing during the event.